Scrambled Eggs on Croissant : Populus Cafe

From the people who brought you Department of Caffeine, comes Populus cafe, located around the corner from Lokal.

The Populus Scramble – Signature soft creamy scrambled eggs, fresh herbs melange, marinated feta, streaky bacon and toasted croissant [$17] ; This is what most people come here for, but do you think eggs and croissant + 3 piece of streaky bacon is worth paying $17 for?
Spring Onion & Corn Pancake, Crispy Succulent Fried Chicken Fillets with House Special Ranch Dressing [$21] ; You could taste the different spices being used in this dish, a mix of Indian flavours. On the downside, the pancake would have tasted better had it been crispy.
Ricotta & Herb Bread Pudding – Baked ricotta brioche bread pudding, signature scrambled eggs, roasted rosemary portobello hidden underneath [$18.50] ; The best dish in the house in my opinion, i like my french toast soaked, and portobello mushroom juicy.
Soft & Fluffy Buckwheat Pancake, Berry Fruit Compote, Passionfruit Curd, Cornflake Crumb, Thyme Infused Maple Syrup, Flowers [$18.50] ; Love the cornflake crumbs that really gave it that crunch, this was missing a certain sweet dressing, that or they could have been a little more generous on the passionfruit curd.
Populus ‘Teriyaki Salmon’ Donburi – Roasted teriyaki salmon, japanese rice, flying fish roe, ginger & spring onion salsa, furikake, nanban vegetables with onsen egg [$18.50] – This was a good addition to the new official menu at Populus, but it left me hungry 2 hours later as the salmon portion was barely the size of my iphone 6 and thickness paled in comparison to my onsen egg.
Will I Return O-Meter : Only on weekdays, weekends can be a pain.

The Populous Cafe
146 Neil Road
Singapore 088875
Tel: +65 6635 8420

Opening Hours:
10.00am – 7.00pm daily

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