Vintage Cafe : Wheeler’s Yard

If you’re looking for a cafe spot with free parking (limited to 6lots) and airconditioning…….then I’ll say Wheeler’s Yard is a good hideout. Was impressed with the kitchen, they served the food within 15mins and dishes were ready all at the same time (self-service). Alas, the food was probably pre-cooked and heated up when ordered.

Australian grain-fed hanger steak served with green salad, fries & homemade green peppercorn sauce [$28.90] and Lychee Lovin’ Iced Tea which you can skip.
Weekday Set Lunch available from 12-2.30pm [19.90+] – which consist of a two course soup/salad & main. Here is the grilled chicken which was overdone.
Cappuccino [$5]

Will I Return O-Meter : Not really.

Wheeler’s Yard
28 Lor Ampas
Singapore 328781
Tel: +65  6254 9128

Operating Hours:
Tues – Thurs/Sun
10.30am – 10.00pm (last order at 9.00pm)
10.30am – 11.00pm (last order at 10.00pm)
*Kitchen closes from 5 – 6pm daily for dinner turnover.

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