Media Circle : Hoopla

If you’re looking for a quiet spot to get work done in the west, Hoopla has a cosy ambience.

Parking[EPS] available at Infinite Studios Commercial Building, or you can always try your luck outside the cafe [not technically legal].

Crunch Time – Turkey Bacon, Scramble Eggs, Brioche Toast, Sugared Cereals, Maple Drizzle [$13]
Ice Lemon Tea [$6] Little Magic 4oz [$4.50]
Hoopla Benedict – Turkey Ham, Poached Eggs, Hollandaise, Brioche Toast [$16] – The hollandaise sauce was a little too sweet for my liking, eggs were poached perfectly.
Will I Return O-Meter : Maybe, the cafe is quiet for a weekday read. Most of the food I’ve had veer towards the sweet side.

21 Media Circle
Singapore 138563
Tel: +65 6778 0051

Opening Hours:
Mon: 08.30am – 18.00pm
Tue: 08.30am – 16.00pm
Wed – Fri: 08.30am – 18.00pm
Sat & Sun: 09.00am – 18.00pm

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