Hokkaido Cheese Tart : BAKE

Don’t be too happy when you arrive at the Bake Cheese Tart stall located at SOGO Hong Kong outlet, you’re thinking “No queue!? Yay!”. Then you’re told to follow the arrows to the service lift lobby area where the real queue actually is. You’ll be given a number tag, if you’re with friends, ensure that each one of you take a tag as they limit each customer to 12 tarts per purchase.

These cheese tarts actually taste like eating an actual Japanese light cheese cake in the form of a tart.

Estimated wait-time over the weekends : 30-45mins

Freshly baked cheese tarts. We are advised that these can last up to 4days(refrigerated).
Since these tarts are take-away only, I decided to take them to Tsui Wah eatery just down the road from SOGO, ordered a cup of HK style milk tea and watch the city go by.

Will I Return O-Meter : Yes, and I hear that they are coming to Singapore! Yay!

Bake Cheese Tart
B2/F, Sogo, 555 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay
Tel: +852 2831 3937

Opening Hours:
10:30-22:30(FRI/SAT/Days before holidays)

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