Modern Mexican : Chino HK

Chino HK recently celebrated their 1st year anniversary, and boy has it been a good year for them!! Their modern take on Mexican food using Japanese ingredients such as Uni, Yuzu, Kewpie mayonnaise to name a few. It’s my second time back dining with them and there still isn’t a dish that failed to impress me.

They are located in the up and coming Kennedy Town that has recently welcomed a couple more restaurants, bar and cafes.

Market Fish Ceviche with Yuzu Lime & Cashews [138HKD] – Great dish to start with, it opens up your appetite.
Katifi Shrimps & Butter Lettuce with Pickled Salsa [108HKD] – A relatively new comer on the menu, these were beautifully fried and should be enjoyed immediately!
Scallop & Uni Tostadas [78HKD each]
Spicy Lobster & Avocado Tostadas [78HKD each]
Crispy Fish Tacos with Chipotle Kewpie & Salsa Fresca [50HKD each]
Corn with Chipotle Kewpie & Cotija Cheese [88HKD]
Chicken & Egg Tostadas [50HKD each] – You have not been to Chino’s if you have not had these.
Chorizo Fried Rice with Fried Egg [138HKD] – Generous portion, good for 4 pax.
Will I Return O-Meter : Yes. Walk-ins only. So I recommend going early to secure yourself a good spot at this not so big establishment.

1B-1C New Praya, Kennedy Town
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2606 0588

Opening Hours:
Tues – Sun: 6.00pm – 12.00am
Closed Monday

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