Top Ramen Stall in Tokyo : Afuri

Afuri tops my list of top Ramen in Tokyo and what really makes their ramen special to me is their aburi char siew (pork belly). They are also fast becoming very popular from when I first visited them last spring.

Their standard ramen is Yuzu Shio Ramen, they are refreshing for many. I however, like mine traditionally done. Some ramen shops leave you feeling bloated and fatty after a bowl of noodle (all that pork oil…), but because the soup base at Afruri is less oily – they are a better alternative for supper(Harajuku branch opens till 3am).

There was a slight queue before I went in around 10+pm and left around 11+
Ordering kiosk
Grilling the Char Siew, that makes the meat used on the ramen flavourful and slightly charred.

Aburi Koro Chashu Gohan [540¥] – Instead of going for plain rice, I ordered the grilled cube pork over rice to mix with my ramen soup. The rice bowl on its own was yummy, the oil from the pork provided flavour.
Shoyu Ramen with Tanrei Seasoning [780¥]

Best meal in a cold weather.

Will I Return O-Meter : Yums. I prefer Afuri more than Ichiran Ramen (I can’t stand their long queues)

3-63-1 Sendagaya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Harajuku Station
Meiji Jingu-mae Station
Tel: +81 3-6438-191

Opening Hours:
10.30am – 3.00am daily

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