Teppanyaki in Tokyo : Ukai-Tei Ginza

One of the branded names in Teppanyaki located in Tokyo. Ukai-Tei was a one michelin starred restaurant prior to 2016. Walking into Ginza’s Ukai-Tei (First outlet), is alike to walking into a historical museum. The setting is very mid 19th century Japanese Victorian.

I wanted to savor traditional Japanese Teppanyaki, and Ukai-Tei seemed to be my best option whilst browsing through the web.

Here’s my verdict :
If you’ll like to have a taste of traditional teppanyaki located in the city of Tokyo, here is your place. Lunch courses start from as low as ¥7,020++, but don’t expect to be full. The most memorable dish was the scallop in cream soup, the scallop was tender in the middle but crispy at the edges. The beef portion was small, but seeing as I picked the ¥9,720 set lunch course which included UKAI Top Quality Beef Steak ( Same beef being used in the Ginza Ukai-tei Course ¥19,440 ) it made sense to pick the mid priced lunch option.
After your last course, you’ll be escorted to the ‘dessert’ lounge, where you will take your dessert and coffee/tea.
Overall, a good dining experience.

Grand Course available for lunch & dinner
Special Course ¥29,160
Seasonal Specialty Course ¥24,840
Ginza Ukai-tei Course ¥19,440

Lunch Course
Special Lunch Course ¥9,720
Lunch Course ¥7,020

Avg cost per pax for lunch : ¥12,000

Entrance to Ukai-Tei Ginza.
Flan with seasonal beans – Chawanmushi with edamame was smooth and silky, wanted it was truffle shavings, but unfortunately it was seasonal. I’ll recommend calling in advance to pre-order certain items such as truffles.
Red Sea Bream Marinated with Spring Vegetables – Served as sashimi or cooked. Nothing wow about this dish.
Scallop sauteed with Shellfish Soup – Look at the crusting of the scallop.
So yummy, the crispiness of the scallop paired with cream clam soup.
Additional order of Clam cooked in butter.
Additional order of foie gras with mini oranges. This was cooked in the kitchen. Cost around 3,000Yen for this dish which I thought would have been better spent on another seafood dish.
UKAI Top Quality Beef Steak (For 2)
5 cubes of beef steak was barely enough, but the marbling of the beef justified for the price.
Soba/Garlic rice for the final savory course : I’ll recommend going with the garlic rice as the rice used at Ginza Ukai-Tei are Koshihikaris produced in 2015 from Niigata prefecture.
Choice of 3 dessert with Coffee or Tea.
Baked confectionery on a trolley. Take you pick !!

Will I Return O-Meter : Probably not, Ukai-Tei is one of those restaurants for me whereby I have to try at least ONCE (bragging right).

5-15-8 Jijitsushin Bld.,
Ginza, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo, Japan
TEL : 03-3544-5252
International : +81-3-3544-5252

From Higashi-Ginza Station
Approx. 1 minute walk from Exit 6
on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
on Toei Subway Asakusa Line

From Ginza Station
Approx. 7 minutes walk from Exit A4or A5
on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line

Opening Hours:
Lunch 12:00~ (Last call is at 14:00)
Dinner 17:00~23:00 (Last call is at 21:00)

Weekends & Holidays
Lunch 11:30~ (Last call is at 15:00)
Dinner 17:00~23:00 (Last call is at 21:00)

The restaurant will be closed every Sunday as of March 2016.

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